Guide for quality development

The aim of the pilot project "Partners for Quality Development" organized by EZA was to enhance the quality of international seminars for workers’ organizations. From 2002 to 2006, education experts joined forces with those responsible for projects and the EZA team in looking at how to make the planning, implementation and evaluation of such seminars more successful and enhance their quality.

In contrast to national seminars, international events face quite different prerequisites, including different languages and cultural backgrounds. This is why educational advisors and those responsible for projects have joined forces as tandem teams to exchange their experience and elaborate individual suggestions. Their consultations focused on the issues, contents and methods involved, working on the basis of a 10-point guideline together with questionnaires and assessment sheets drawn up in the early phase of the project; they discussed, for example, recommendations for speakers and participants, information about programmes by the European Commission and suggestions for further utilization of the results.

This practical work offered scope for collecting experience reports and relevant aspects on quality improvement, and for making the main results available to the EZA member centres in a brochure. This brochure is to act as a planning tool, making concrete suggestions for practical use available to all those who are interested, and support project organizers on their way to implementing top-quality international seminars.

The brochure "Guide for quality development of international seminars for workers' organisations" is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. If you are interested, please contact Victoria Znined or Barbara Goeden.



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