EZA education and training programme 2019

The EZA education and training programme 2019 will focus on “Youth employment”, “The future of work - Changing changing labour relations” and “Safety and health at work”. In addition, the topic “Strategies of European Institutions” will also be continued, with this year's focus area “The future of a social Europe - effects and prospects for the European Pillar of Social Rights and other social policies”. The special project for workers’ organizations in the Western Balkans is also continued.

Other topics include “Integrating migrants and refugees in the labour market”, “Inclusive labour markets”, “Capacity building”, the “Contribution of workers’ organizations to social justice in Europe” as well as “Working and living in a digitized world”.

Detailed information about individual seminars, contact partners and the registration modalities can be found in the programme.

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EZA Educational Programme 2019

Campaign "Healthy Workplaces: Manage dangerous substances"