Mobility and migration: co-ordination of social security – a stabilising element for life and work in Europe

In its 2014 education and training year, the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) co-ordinated projects on the topic of “Mobility and migration: co-ordination of social security – a stabilising element for life and work in Europe”. The five education and training events in Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Slovenia picked up on the results of previous seminars on this issue.

The focus of the co-ordinated projects was on clarifying the following questions that are of perennial importance to workers and essential to successful mobility and migration: Will the professional qualifications acquired in the country of origin be recognised in the host country? How can contact between employers in the host country and workers in the country of origin be improved? What is the social security situation (mainly health insurance and pensions) if a worker takes a job temporarily or for good in another country? How can workers employed in another country be informed when new job prospects arise in their country of origin? How can co-operation between workers’ organisations in the countries of origin and host countries be improved?

EZA’s aim with the results and recommendations for action produced in the seminars and summarised in this brochure is to enhance the content of discussion in future seminars on the issues and to contribute to the European debate on mobility and migration from the viewpoint of workers’ organisations that address the issues both in their education and training work and in their daily activities.

The brochure is published in Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einEnglish, author is György Lajtai.

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