Checking the Balance Between Work and Private Life


In the 2013 budget year and under its “European Social Dialogue” education and training programme, the EZA project co-ordination on the issue of “Checking the balance between work and private life”, putting the focus on rising awareness of society and the social partners for the topic of compatibility of work and private life in the context of the ongoing economic recession.

In terms of the themes, this was linked with the EZA project co-ordination of 2011 on the issue of “Compatibility of work and family life” and with the EZA project co-ordination of 2008 on the issue of “Equal opportunities for men and women in the labour market”. Whereas the main focus of the 2011 seminars was on the challenges for young families with children – although in times of demographic change the question of compatibility is becoming increasingly important for the ever-growing number of people who look after an elderly relative – the main focus of the 2008 seminars was on the various aspects of compatibility focusing on gender equality.

The brochure is published in English and is available Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einonline.


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