Interview with Piergiorgio Sciacqua, Co-President of the EZA

- What was your first thought after being re-elected? 

My first thought after being re-elected Co-President was naturally gratitude for the encouragement given me, which I do not take for granted, precisely because I am aware that the role entails a lot of work for the next four years.

I also think that greater commitment is required to strengthen the EZA network and the work of the various platforms.

- What motivates you to continue as Co-President of the EZA?

The main feature of my co-presidency with Bartho and the work with Norbert and Roswitha has been strong commitment, and I think this co-operation has proven fruitful; I myself was involved in the growth of the EZA in those four years and so I feel I will carry on performing this function with a high level of responsibility to strengthen our entire network.

- What are your aims with and for the EZA in the next four years?

One of the main aims in my view is that the EZA could contribute to the European integration of the Western Balkan states, and stimulate the social dialogue in those countries in which the consequences of the Communist lunacy are still to be seen: for it is not at all easy to speak there of free workers’ participation, trade unions and co-operation!

I think that ought to be the main focus of the efforts we initiated, but all of which we will have to redouble in future.

Another priority aim in my view is to break down the mistrust that prevails between our member centres in Central and Northern Europe and our member centres in the Mediterranean: we have to learn how to co-operate better with one another, and in particular we have to get to know one another better.

Ultimately we will realise that we all face one and the same challenge: an increasingly united, stronger and more social Europe.

Together we should not lose sight of the values that are common to us European nations.

- Could you characterise President Bartho Pronk in three keywords?

On a personal level I find Bartho extremely reliable, and I feel a lot of friendship towards him; on a political level he has a great deal of experience and shows pragmatic vision.


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