Interview with Bartho Pronk, President of EZA

-What was your first thought after being re-elected?

I naturally had several thoughts. First of all I felt grateful for having successfully ended my first term of office. I also feel a great sense of anticipation about everything to come in the near future in my work for and with EZA.

-What motivates you to continue as President of EZA?

I think that the social dialogue is one of EZA’s main tasks, another being to bring all our member centres and candidate members together. I think that is very important. The social dialogue is deeply rooted in our European culture, but is not properly understood and put into practice everywhere yet; it is often neglected, especially in times of crisis. It is very important that we maintain, carry forward and develop the concept of the social dialogue, especially in those countries in which that doesn’t happen enough yet.

-What are your aims with and for EZA in the next four years?

There are, of course, things that have to be done anyway… But my aim will be to further improve the quality of our programmes. That is very important to me. We must go back to our roots, but with modern means. The second important aim is to orient EZA towards countries in which EZA does not yet have any members. A key project in this respect is the Special Project for the Workers’ Organisations in the Western Balkans, which was begun in my first period of office. We have already been very successful with it in terms of substance, and I feel we can carry that success even further in the next four years. We have several new candidate members with which EZA can co-operate on substance in the future. And there are still some countries in Europe in which EZA does not yet have any members – admittedly very few countries, but my aim is for them to be included in the EZA network as well.

-Could you characterise Co-President Piergiorgio Sciacqua in three key words?

I rate Piergiorgio very highly as a proficient and reliable partner, since as President I naturally cannot attend very EZA seminar or have the same amount of contact with every member centre. Moreover, he has in-depth knowledge of Southern and Southeast European countries, much to the benefit of the entire EZA network.


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