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Seminars in November 2017

Intervention strategies for integrating refugees and immigrants in the European labour market

11/2017, Valencia / Spain

FIDESTRA (Associação para a Formação, Investigação e Desenvolvimento Social dos Trabalhadores)

Contact: Maria Reina Martin



Train for a successful working life: exchanging good practices

02.11. - 04.11.2017, Fátima / Portugal


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Call for participation in the World Day for Decent Work on October 7th – End corporate greed

"End corporate greed" is the motto of this year's World Day for Decent Work, which takes place for the tenth time on October 7th. Throughout the world, workers continue to suffer from the ongoing global economic crisis and the increase in precarious employment conditions. The global supply chain model that dominates the global economy today undermines decent work and, like many new forms of...

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Exchange between COMECE and EZA

Markus Vennewald, political consultant for social and economic affairs at COMECE (Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community) paid a visit to the EZA Secretariat in September 2017.

EZA Secretary General Sigrid Schraml and the head of the Brussels-based EZA office Esmeralda Van den Bosch exchanged views with Vennewald on the respective current activities and intersections in...

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EZA and MCL / EFAL support trade union colleagues from VOST "VOLYA" from Ukraine - Seminar on social dialogue and labour migration in Lviv

Through the mediation of the European Centre for Workers' Questions (EZA), a seminar on "Social Dialogue and Labour Migration in the European Union and Ukraine in the Context of Christian Social Welfare" took place in Lviv, Ukraine, for members of the Ukrainian EZA Observer VOST "VOLYA". The seminar was organized and carried out by EZA member MCL / EFAL (Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori / Ente...

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Seminars in October 2017

Social dialogue in the education sector

02.10. - 04.10.2017, Wroc?aw / Poland

KK NSZZ "Solidarno??" (Komisja Krajowa NSZZ "Solidarno??")

Contact: El?bieta Wielg and Józef Mozolewski

E-Mail: and


How to strengthen the social partners in relation to the new realities of the social dialogue?

02.10. - 04.10.2017, Barcelona / Spain ...

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EZA News no. 2/2017



Subjects: Interview with David Pascal Dion, head of the “Social Dialogue” unit of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; EZA President Bartho Pronk’s speech at the ILO


DE   EN   ES   FR   HR

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EZA and Solidarno?? Support Trade Union Colleagues from VOST "VOLYA" from Ukraine - Media Seminar in Lviv

Thanks to the mediation of the European Center for Workers' Questions (EZA), a seminar on "Media - Training for Trade Unionists" for members of the Ukrainian EZA-Observer VOST "VOLYA" was staged in Lviv, Ukraine from April 6th to 7th, 2017. Guided by the trainers of the education department of the EZA member NSZZ Solidarno??, 20 trade unionists from different branches of VOST "VOLYA" were engaged...

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EZA President Bartho Pronk gives speech at ILO

A strong social dialogue is needed in Europe and around the world, so that green jobs can become a key element for the future of work as we want it. This was explained by Bartho Pronk, President of the European Center for Workers' Questions (EZA), at the plenum of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which was held in June 2017 in Geneva. He thus took a position on the report "Work in...

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EZA Contributions to social dialogue 27 published: “Integration and inclusion in the labour market in the European Union”

When we look at the initiatives taken and efforts made with regard to integration and inclusion in the labour market in Europe, this issue relates to target groups that have problems finding and holding down a job.

In this context the term “inclusion” stands for endeavours to create jobs for the disabled.

“Integration” refers to all other groups of unemployed people to whom the labour market is...

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Seminars in July and August 2017

Decent work and precarious employment in Europe: refugees, precariat

12.07. - 15.07.2017, Ávila / Spain

ECWM - EBCA - MTCE (European Christian Workers Movement)

Contact: Manuel Copé Tobaja



The digital world of work – Industry 4.0 in the cultural and arts sector:  working conditions, requirements of the new vocational skills, reform of education and...

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EZA Educational Programme 2019

Campaign "Healthy Workplaces: Manage dangerous substances"

German Works Councils Day 2019 in Bonn