Education and Research

Content support for the projects and the concurrent scientific activities form the cornerstones of the “Education and Research” segment.

The “Education” unit is comprised of reviews of project applications from the project partners, content support for implemented projects, subsequent monitoring activities (recommendation of topics, consultants, further utilisation and dissemination of seminar results) as well as the submission of complete applications and reporting on the same to the European Union.

The “Research” unit focuses on coordinating the EZA research projects and maintaining contacts with scientific institutions.

Contact partners

Matthias Homey (de, es, en)
Tel. ++49-2223-29 98-28, Contact by e-mail

Norbert Klein (de, en, fr)
Tel. ++49-2223-29 98-31, Contact by e-mail


Yara Katayama (de, pt, es, en)
Tel. ++49-2223-29 98-37, Contact by e-mail

Siera Sofia (de, it, en, es, fr)
Tel. ++49-2223-29 98-27, Contact by e-mail

EZA Educational Programme 2019

Campaign "Healthy Workplaces: Manage dangerous substances"

German Works Councils Day 2019 in Bonn