Mission statement

Mission statement

EZA is a network of 72 workers’ organisations from 28 European countries based on Christian social values. Members of EZA are educational institutes from workers’ organisations as well as research institutes who deal with workers’ questions.

Since 1985, EZA has been providing its members through its educational programme with information and advice on cross-border Social Dialogue in Europe and the value added. Together with its members, EZA is organising approx. 70 seminars each year on important and topical problems in this field. EZA uses here the principle of subsidiarity to be able to fulfil the needs and requirements at grass-root level. The target group of the educational programme are multiplicators and leaders in workers’ organisations. Indicative solutions shall be shown to them in the future.

The main objective of EZA’s work is to inform workers’ organisations in order to strengthen their capacity. EZA will offer valuable sustainable contributions to the construction and development of the European Social Model. In this way social systems should be strengthened, the financial, economic and employment crises tackled as well as the change and modernisation of the labour market dealt with.

For EZA, Social Dialogue can provide a solid foundation for the construction, maintenance and development of our democracy in Europe. By providing a forum for the exchange of views, information, experiences and social traditions, EZA develops perspectives which are useful for both the European institutions and workers’ organisations as well as work “from the bottom up”, generating tangible and sustainable results.

The EZA educational programme refers to the contents of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Communications of the European Commission regarding employment strategies. Through capacity building, it serves to strengthen the social partnership, its mechanisms and management.

The educational work of EZA corresponds to the promotion of EU Social Dialogue which is one of the objectives of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Art. 152-155.

EZA delivers the contents of its educational programme in a three-step approach:

To observe: We request speakers with a background in theoretical research and or practical work to present the situation.

To judge: in accordance with the values of Christian Social Teaching and social ethics. These values, based on the needs of humanity and individual human beings, constitute the foundation of Social Europe.

To act: This step is of vital importance for the effectiveness of the socio-political education of workers who are actively engaged in the leadership of their organisations. It is here where visions, objectives and strategies are designed.

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