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Seminars in February 2018

A new working environment: Are flexible work-places effective?

05.02. - 07.02.2018, Luxembourg / Luxembourg

Krifa (Kristelig Fagbevægelse)

Contact: Rolf Weber and Søren Fibiger Olesen

E-Mail: row@krifa.dk (Rolf Weber) and

sfo@krifa.dk (Søren Fibiger Olesen)


Taking new paths – using new methods effectively in educational work

05.02. - 08.02.2018, Herzogenrath / Germany


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EZA News no. 4/2017


EZA Kick-off Seminar in Copenhagen: The transformation of workers’ organisations in a changing sociopolitical environment in Europe was the focal issue of the EZA kick-off seminar; EU Social Summit in Gothenburg: The European Pillar of Social Rights is here – but life still has to be breathed into it by national governments; 6th Conference of the European Platform for Young Workers: Foc...

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Seminars in January 2018

Social dialogue in the education sector

17.01. - 19.01.2018, Gdansk / Poland

KK NSZZ "Solidarno??" (Komisja Krajowa NSZZ "Solidarno??")

Contact: El?bieta Wielg and Józef Mozolewski

E-Mail: e.wielg@solidarnosc.org.pl  and 


in Cooperation with PED (Platform for Education)


Strengthening the information, consultation and participation of workers at EU level:...

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