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Seminars in September 2017

Digital world of work – Industry 4.0 08.09. - 10.09.2017, Velehrad / Czech Republic KAP (Hnutí „Křesťan a práce“) Contact: Jiří Konečný E-Mail: konecny.jiri@centrum.cz   Free movement of workers and fair social security systems: balancing the interests of mobile workers and host country workers for a fair labour market 14.09. - 16.09.2017, Ljubljana / Slovenia ZD NSi (Združenje...Lesen Sie mehr

EZA and Solidarność Support Trade Union Colleagues from VOST "VOLYA" from Ukraine - Media Seminar in Lviv

Thanks to the mediation of the European Center for Workers' Questions (EZA), a seminar on "Media - Training for Trade Unionists" for members of the Ukrainian EZA-Observer VOST "VOLYA" was staged in Lviv, Ukraine from April 6th to 7th, 2017. Guided by the trainers of the education department of the EZA member NSZZ Solidarność, 20 trade unionists from different branches of VOST...Lesen Sie mehr

EZA President Bartho Pronk gives speech at ILO

A strong social dialogue is needed in Europe and around the world, so that green jobs can become a key element for the future of work as we want it. This was explained by Bartho Pronk, President of the European Center for Workers' Questions (EZA), at the plenum of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which was held in June 2017 in Geneva. He thus took a position on the report "Work...Lesen Sie mehr

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