Seminar: Die Zukunft Europas - die soziale Dimension – 5. und 6. April 2018, Utrecht, Niederlande

The Christian National Trade Union Federation of the Netherlands (CNV), with the assistance of the World Organisation of Workers (WOW), in cooperation with the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) and with the support of the European Union, have the pleasure to inform you about a two-day seminar on:

“The Future of Europe – the social dimension”

In 2017, Juncker launched a discussion on the future and the social dimension of Europe. In light of the European elections in the spring of 2019, and the proposals now launched under the ‘European pillar of social rights’, it is crucial to discuss what the social dimension of Europe should look like. In the face of growing Euroscepticism, it is vital for workers and citizens to feel Europe is there for them. The social dimension of Europe is still underdeveloped while much emphasis is put on the internal market, leading to unequal competition, exploitation and crowding out of workers. The only way to create popular support among workers and citizens is to make the social dimension of the European internal market a reality.

The program will feature speakers from the European Parliament: Claude Rolin (EPP), Dennis de Jong (GUE/NGL), Agnes Jongerius (S&D), The European Commission (Cabinet Thyssen), experts from Tilburg University: Jan Cremers and Mijke Houwerzijl, and form the Institute for Transnational and Euregional Cross border Cooperation and Mobility, ITEM. Speakers furthermore include workers’ representatives from Hungary: President of the Hungarian MOSZ, Mr. Palkovics, from Belgium: Tom Deleu, international secretariat ACV BIE, from Austria: Ariadne Mavronikola, Europabüro ÖGB, and from the Netherlands: President of CNV, Mr. Limmen. More speakers to be confirmed.

The official invitation, practical information and detailed programme will be sent to you before mid February.

RSVP: Hester Houwing: or Björn van Heusden: For further information you are welcome to contact us.

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