Michael Herkendell and David Brixius visit EZA

Dr. Michael Herkendell and David Brixius from the Federal Association for Catholic Youth Social Work (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Jugendsozialarbeit / BAG KJS) have visited the Secretariat of the European Centre for Workers’ Questions (EZA) at Königswinter, Germany in January 2017.

The BAG KJS helps young people to manage the often difficult transition from the world of academic and vocational education to the labour market. It also combats youth poverty and youth unemployment, assists young workers in their search for appropriate accommodation, encourages worker mobility, conducts professional exchange programmes and promotes the recognition of non-formal skills on a European basis.

The meetings aimed to explore the potential for further exchanges and joint Europe-wide initiatives between the two organizations and to intensify their cooperation. The BAG KJS is also involved in the European network YES-Forum (Youth and European Social Work http://www.yes-forum.eu/).

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